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What are your concerns ?

IT Audits ?
Have you performed an IT risk assessment ?
Have you performed IT audits and to check to see if IT is alligned with the business objectives ?
Are you concerned about Change Management in IT operations ?
Are you worried whether Disaster recovery plan and disaster recovery management is in place ?

How we can help ?

IT Governance and IT Audits                                                <<Back to Services

We will help your IT department acheive Business Objectives, we can help you analyze IT alignment with Business

We will help you with IT Audits, Change Management, Segregation of Duties, Disaster and Recovery Management Planning
We will help you identifying IT General Controls and then test and optimize controls
We will help with
Applications Controls, test and optimize controls

We can identify opportunities to automate controls in order to control costs

What is the IT Governance ?

IT Governance is similar to Corporate Governance, where actions (processes, policies ) taken to achieve business objectives and to protect of the share holders.

If you need help to create policies such as Change Control Policy, Access Control, Access Creation and deletion policies, Segregation of Duties policies and other policies do write to us at nagesh@indigostripes.com for help.  Some of the policies will be given for FREE of charge.

What is an IT Audit ?

Since business is done with the support of Information Technology, it becomes extremely important to have good controls over the IT architecture.  IT Audit is a review of the controls established over the IT architecture and business software applications.

Is IT Audit important ?

If IT General Controls such as Change Management, Access Control, Segregation of Duties is not established all other business process controls can be circumvented.  So it becomes extremely important to establish good IT General Controls.  IT General Controls becomes the bedrock over which business process controls can be established and assured.

What are the different IT Audits that Indigo Stripes can help at my company ? 

We can help you with the following IT Audits
Change Management Audit
2. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
3. Access Control Audit
4. Segregation of Duties audit
5. Application Controls audit


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