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What are your concerns ?

Governance ?
Are you concerned about the Corporate Governance in your company ?
Do you want to establish a good Code of Conduct for the Company ?
Have you wondered whether the Code of Conduct has been effective ? Have you performed Code of Conduct audit ?
Are you Compliant with SEBI's Clause 49 requirements ?

Risk Management ?
Have you performed a Risk Assessment of your company ?
Do you have visibility of all your Strategic, Operations, Financial and Reporting Risks in your company ?
Do you know by managing risks appropriately you can increase profits, cuts costs or both ?

Anti-Fraud Management ?
Have you assessed the fraud risks of your company ?
Do you know in an average manufacturing company, an estimate of 7 percent revenues could be leaking by fraudulent means ?

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance ?
Are you concerned about the high cost of compliance with Sarbanes Oxley compliance ?
Do you know they are always ways to cut down Sarbanes Oxley compliance cost ?

IT Audits ?
Have you performed an IT risk assessment ?
Have you performed IT audits and to check to see if IT is alligned with the business objectives ?
Are you concerned about Change Management in IT operations ?
Are you worried whether Disaster recovery plan and disaster recovery management is in place ?

Information Security ?
Are you concerned about the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your Information Security Assets ?
Do you need to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) information security compliance requirements ?
Do you need to comply with HIPAA compliance requirements ?

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